Healthy dog: How to raise them from puppy

Raising a healthy dog from when they were puppy is achievable, read in my article to learn more. A healthy dog is a spec

Few weeks ago, I told my audience I will be writing on how to raise a healthy and strong dog, the interesting thing is I have raised about four dogs in my current life time, three which I lost because I happened to over pampered them; so it was hard for them to see life as a hard place to be, they took life too simple and that ended up orchestrating their death.

Let leave the dead alone and talk about the living, so as a food scientist, apart from the fact that I don’t like eating bad food, which is another topic for a different day; I also love to ensure my pets eats the right food which means that : daily requirement proportion is given to them, and not less than the requirement, I know a lot of rich people believe they can buy dog feed and give to their dogs but as a food scientists, let me intimate you with this, most dog feed are compounded with lot of things that are not healthy for your dogs but they add flavonols that gives it the aroma which is pleasant to your dogs, so your gullible dogs gets attracted by the aroma first, then consume because they have no choice.

And someone out there says ” What’s the big deal? At least my dog is eating ☺. Well, the big deal is your dogs don’t get to be immune resistant to some disease which naturally they ought to be immune resistant to, and at the same time, their speed of running, drinking water, listening, seeing at night, holding the water down til when needed by the body will definitely will be affected.

So let get to the main business for today.

What your dog needs mainly as feed is food rich in calcium and of course protein unlike humans, what we need is carbohydrates and protein mainly, what gives your dog good strength and good growth is Protein and Calcium which most feed you purchase from the market may not contain in the right or required proportion.

So, let me get started started, Egg has a good protein value, so cooking any food type and squeezing cooked egg into it gives your dog the best protein value which help to repair worn out tissues.

Now, let get to the part where almost everyone reading this article does not know or even have an idea of, someone asked me how they can get the best calcium value for those dogs, and I said it’s easy and it’s very cheap.

Remember the shell your egg is wrapped in? , Egg Shell contains the highest value of calcium than any other food in the world, I wonder why humans can’t consume it, that might be another work I will need to work on as a food scientist, since the digestive system of dogs is a little bit different in such a way that foods substance like egg Shell can’t cause gall stone, or bladder stone, then adding egg Shell to their food makes it more interested, though the shells needs to grinded into smaller particles and the aroma of the egg Shell I have come to find out gives the dogs this interesting taste which makes them salivate for the food.

My dog Cherub was just two months old, when I took the pictures you are seeing with this article, a lot of people had argue with me that she’s bigger than a two month old dog and I told them she eats food which is different from every other dogs.

As a food scientist, my pet deserves to be different from every other lay man.

Drop your view after reading this article, let me know what you think and what you might want me to write abou

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